About us

About us

TVP Positioning AB and Reperto AB, after acquired by the Swedish holding company Followit AB, have merged to Followit AB. The wildlife division (former, Televilt) is one of the leading bodies in the world in professional engineering of radio telemetry products. Televilt was founded in 1973 and since 1994 it is located in Lindesberg, a small town in south central Sweden, about 200 km west (Lat 60 degrees N) of the Swedish capital Stockholm.

Company profile
Followit AB offers unique, professional knowledge in radio-tracking and positioning. Providing a wide range of high quality products, with emphasis on outdoor and wildlife. The production of GPS equipment for wildlife and hunting dogs is an increasing part of the business.

Our engineering and long experience from different customer preferences have built a solid base for our production and consulting service. New technology is continuously evaluated and frequently included into our program to the benefit of our customers and to strengthen our position on the market.

This was just a brief presentation of the company. We hope that you will enjoy exploring our different pages, providing detailed information about our products. Always remember, if you have any additional questions, our staff will be happy to answer them.

For continued customer satisfaction it is important that we get feedback from our customers, therefore we would be grateful if you could inform us about results and experience of studies in which our products are used to collect data.

Environmental Polices
Recycling in EU and North America
Followit encourages recycling of its products whenever possible. Recycling regulations and methods may vary within the European Union and North America. Followit does not endorse any recycling method or company. Consumers that wish to recycle our products within the EU are asked to return the product to us.
Please contact our customer service. Contact information. +46 581 17190.

Customers in North America that wish to recycle our products are asked to do so according to the local, state and federal regulations. Recycling resources for the United States can be found at the US EPA web site at the following link: http://www.epa.gov/epawaste/

Further questions regarding the recycling of our products, please contact our Customer Service. Contact information. +46 581 17190.
Information about our compliance with the RoHS Directive regarding restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances is also available on request.

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